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Artist | Student | Digital Art
~Hey there =)
My name is Jino and I draw all kind of stuff. I like cute things, animes and manga, naturism, Pokemon and loads more.
Im always searching for new friends, exspecially from germany
(cus everyone here seems to come from the usa. Sooo far away :iconfinallyplz:)

So yeah, take a look around or write me a note if you want :icononiononionplz:


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Personal Quote: Art is what created everything and should not be bound by any laws

My view on Nudism

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 7:30 PM

(First of, this is my view on Nudism/Naturism and it is not the general view of the nudism community.)

How I came to love it:

When i was small i never had many friends and most of the time i would be spending alone either reading comics, surfing the web or playing video games. I always was jealous of those groups that did everything together and had loads of fun. Sadly, that was never me. I just didn´t seem to fit in with most of them. :icononionwoeplz:

So over the years i always had at most one close friend with which i did stuff together. It usually was something connected with indoor stuff though (gaming nights..). And while that was lot of fun i never experienced much else.

So time went on and i got old (not rly rly old ^^) - but like 13-14 years old. At that age i was very embarrased of showing my naked body as puberty hit in, but i noticed that i was really jealous everytime i saw other kids playing somewhere naked. I always wanted to just join them. But since i neither knew them or had any friends that would do stuff like that with me i never had the oportunity. (And i was way to shy either way! :iconrelievedplz: )

But it didn´t let go of me and when i was 14-15 i stumbled across this comment on DA that mentioned "skinny dipping". Clueless what that meant i googled it and discovered a world where playing around naked with others was ok, even loved by everyone. And not just for kids, but also for teenagers and adults! It was amzing - felt kinda like christmas ^^
So, curious as i was, i read more and more about it and just wanted to try it more and more. And one day i finally dared to and just went alone to a lake and tried sunbathing naked. I only did it for 10 minutes because i heard someone coming and put my swimming trunks on as fast as i could, but it was soooo amazing. Like literally one of the best feelings i ever had, simply feeling the warm sun shine on my naked body and feeling the wind blow over me was just SO good :iconcblushplz:

After i had put on my swimming trunks and those guys came over i felt pretty much like someone just stole my happiness. And i went home :iconpetrifiedplz:

In the next years i tried it out more and more and each time i fell further in love with it. Even though i was always alone doing it. But that should change not much later.

When i was 17 i finally found the courage to ask some of my friends if they would like to go skinny dipping with me. And my best friend at that time, Helena, was ok with it. She´s always like "yeah whatever, why not. lol". And so we went to a thermal bath at a naked-evening event (cus it was winter) and for the first time i could try out what i´d always wanted to do since i was 6 years old. At first it was super embarassing, being seen naked by her and all the people around, feeling awkward as i walked down to the water trying to look not-anxious. Hell, even seeing her naked was super embarrasing! ^^
But more than that, far more than that, it was amazing! Nearly like a different world! And it was fun, interesting and each single thing we did was just...different than usual. So much better.
That day we played around the whole night, dunking each others head under the water, throwing each other of one of those inflated giant kraken-animal thingies that swam in the water and feeling the warmth of the red-light lamps as we dried our bodies (those that feel really warm if they shine on you).
Not to mention going to the restaurant (located in the bath) and eating pizza all naked :iconhappyskipplz:

After that night i completly fell in love with it and me and Helena became better friends than ever before. We even went skinny dipping each year for a long time after that and now she also loves it. ^^
Another friend of mine joined us later on and it was even more fun btw :3

There are many other great parts to being naked that are just very hard to explain. But for example it creates an envoirement without class difference (because no one has expensive clothing) which is really really freeing and relaxing. It also opens up a completly different way to think of your body. But you´d need to try it and love it to understand that.

Sadly now, a few years later Helena moved away and I´m mostly alone again...^^"
I still hope each day that i´ll find friends like that again. But now i´m not as insecure as i was before and so it´s more like my most favourite hobby now :iconheehee-plz:

The problems with it:

Well first of there´s the most obvious, finding friends who like it:

I live in germany, a country sometimes even labeled a nudist paradise. And true enough, the general attitude towards nakedness is very open minded. It is no problem at all to swim naked at every lake you can find and many of them even have special nudist zones. There are also tons of thermal baths that offer nudist nights and going to a sauna is always done naked - with a towel at most. So yeah, it sounds wonderful!
But there´s a problem: :iconsweatdropplz:

If you go to lakes without nude zones it just feels weird being the only one naked there and as soon as someone else comes you feel pressed to put something on. It only works there if you´re at least with one friend.
If you go to the lakes with naked zones it works out find alone, but 80% of the population there are over the age of 60. Most of them are very kind. But "playing" with them is just not possible because of the age difference and the air of elderly-respect.
The other 20% are either couples that of course don´t want to be disturbed, or are groups of girls. And it´s very hard as a lone guy to walk up to a group of girls all naked and introduce yourselfe to them. That just takes insane amounts of courage. And groups of guys or mixed groups are very very rare.
There are of course parents with kids too, but joining them is also quite impossible. No one just walks up to a family at a lake and asks them if he can hang out with them. Also there´s the age difference aspect again.
Last place, thermal baths:
They are great. The age groups are very spread out and there actually are groups of guys and mixed ones too. But the problem here is that it usually takes an hour to get to one of those baths, they are quite expensive and the time you can be naked there is usually restricted to a couple of hours a week at best.
And if you make friends there, you rarely stay in contact cus of course mobile phones are banned. And so you can´t easily exchange numbers. (taking photos is banned - that´s why mobile phones are too)  

Left is asking your normal friends if they join you. But most of the girls refuse outright because they think it´s ones idea of a kinky date and most guys refuse because of mostly the same reason - just in the gay direction.
The small part left are either too shy or not interested enough to go out of their way for it. And it´s no fun at all asking them multiple times.

So you need to get incredible lucky to find suitable friends for it.

Da perverts:

Not Deviantart perverts, mind you, but da perverts - like the pervs :icononisoaked:

There´s always at least one couple of guys or girls that keep their clothes on even though it´s "nude only". And they always stare at everyone walking by and act all embarrased while secretly enjoying it. (They could just leave if they really didn´t like it. Or visit at a day that has no nudist evening)
There are also the famous jacuzzi bath grapers, that get in next to you and try to touch you. Even though they are quite rare and surely are not a nudist-only problem. But luckily the bath attendants treat them like cockroaches if they get exposed. They are quickly exterminated XD

At lakes there are far less problems like this. The worst that happens is that someone looks at you for being naked or some girls walk by and chuckle. But that´s all harmless.

The community:

It is small, mostly old and far spread. And on top of that in the last 10 years there´s been a new development where family/couple-only nudist resorts came into style - at least in germany. Basically what this means, is that the already small part of under 40 year olds is divided again and one can´t join without getting kids oneselfe. Or getting into a relationship and showing up together.

On top of that there are the sex dudes (mostly, there are some girls too) who simply go along with nudism because their main goal is sex and they find it to heighten their ONS rate. I had that and i still feel like it raped the beauty and innocence of nudism. I´ll never go along with it again.
I really don´t mind having sex. But it should be something seperate. The same way cuddling and hugging are not the same as kissing on the mouth. You just don´t mix them up accidently. :iconsighingplz:

The best you can hope for is to find someone kinda your age if you live in a really big city (at least 300 000 people).

Last bad part about the community is the religion:

There´s an inofficial, nondisputable religion that states that ANY and i mean any - sexual action, mention of body parts or sexual though is to be completly seperated from nudism.
And i...kinda agree with that as i explained. But i disagree with it on other terms:

For my part i feel attracted to some people, some not. And that won´t change no matter if they are naked or not. So if i think someone has a hot bum, i will also think they have a hot bum when they´re naked. And i also won´t deny that some part of me enjoys looking at those parts. It´s just part of human nature.
Or the oh so horrible confession that i´m sometimes curious how, for example, my friends look like naked. Not even because i feel attracted to them, but just out of curiousity.

And to demonstrate you the attitute of the community:
If i would take the last 3 lines (which i personally find to be completly normal human emotions) and post them on one of their forums, i would start a fucking flame war with hate posts and shunning toward me. joke.

I do understand how that attitude is necassary for mentaining a non-sexual public image, but hells bells...i wish they could just chill out a little and be more honest with themselves.

The misuse of nudist-terms:

In germany nudism means FKK (Free-Body-Culture). But there are many brothels that simply call themselves "FKK salons" and that infuriates me. It drags down the public image of nudism because they simply want to pop up more easily on google. Just to mention that ones.


To not leave this at a bad note.
I truly believe that nudism is one of the most beautiful things I ever discovered - despite all its flaws. The simple joy of being naked with friends, enjoying the feeling of nature and experiencing the kind of connection you get trough it is without second in this world.
I would recommend trying it out to every person alive. May it be with your spouse, your friends, your dog (he surely won´t mind XD) or your family. Even all alone can be a good experience :iconthatsrightplz:

Without it i may still feel bad about that wasted part of my childhood and i might still feel overly embarrased about my body. Nudism in a way saved me and gave my life one more thing worth living for :iconfeelingfullplz:

All luck to the future of skinny dipping,
see ya,
~Jino ^^

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